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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pulitzer Stats Update

As someone, anyone, hello? may have noticed, my pulitzer stats fluctuated. My total pages, pages read, and pages left to read have changed, which has also changed my percentage read. The reason for this is simple. I installed Apple iLife '11 on my computer which has a spread sheet function identical to Microsoft Excel. I put all of the page numbers into the spread sheet and it gave me a much more accurate reading of the work I have accomplished and the work I have further to go. Also, I got different editions to the books on the list. As I have exhaustively mentioned throughout this project, I have developed a several allergic reaction to book dust. Thinking back on my travails throughout this journey, I realize now that this must have begun at some point during this project and I believe that I did not always have this allergy, but that I must have caught it while hunting around in some of the sketchy locations we had to travel to, thinking of here the Salvation Army store in Kankakee, IL and Toad Hall in Rockford, IL. Two wonderful places that have not kept their due care of their materials. I found A Bromfield Galazy at Kankakee Salvo store for $.10, and I got T.S. Stribling's winner for under $5. I think also found Lafarge's Laughing Boy for $3, and a few others I can remember right now. Anyways, I just thought I would make mention of the fact that objective stats changed, hard numbers that should have been pretty well locked down fluctuated and that might raise some eye brows. I am currently reading Edwin O'Connor's The Edge of Sadness.

If you will notice, I just finished Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird which I loved, and am going on to 62's winner Edge of Sadness. I noticed a large whole in my 1960's reading and felt like trying to read through the 60's. For a summer time activity, I might be rewarding. Next to tackle will be the late 30's early 40's which also reflects some ill attention.

Faithfully charging ahead...

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Nick said...


I can't say I noticed the change in pulitzer stats. This is because I subscript to your blog feed, and hardly view your site directly.

Do note, Numbers comes with iWork, not iLife. I hope you bought it via the mac app store (It's cheaper that way).

Keep up the reading!